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Authorities demand biosecurity measures for cargo ships.

Brick Bay, Roatan.

Ronnie McNab, the Deputy for the Bay Islands, who is also a member of the Cargo commission, which is a commission integrated between several different local and departmental authorities. Their aim is to maintain surveillance and supervision on cargo vessels. The main consignment for these vessels are products from the mainland to be distributed to the island. Deputy McNab convened a meeting with owners of the Cargo Ships to inform them, that their Operational Permits will be suspended if they fail to comply with Biosafety measures.

Deputy McNab recognized the Commission has identified deficiencies that certain boats exhibit, going forward, the commission will continue to monitor and audit each boat, to ensure that all the biosafety requirements are being met. While many boat owners have made investments in the boat’s infrastructure to comply with the established measures, the commission knows that not all owners have made an effort to improve, therefore those ships that do not meet the requirements will have their operating permits suspended.

Among the measures that were established for the vessels to operate during the COVID-19 emergency, Deputy McNab said the vessels must have one cabin assigned to each sailor. There must be a space to prepare and consume food, bathrooms, a section where sailors may wash clothing. The entire crew compliment must remain on board the boat, therefore the owners of the boats must provide habitable and safe conditions to ensure a sailor remain comfortably on board.

The Cargo Commission is integrated group with the following members the Deputy, Political Governor, Councilors of the Municipality of Roatan. This commission supervises all of those vessels that have been authorized to enter the municipality of Roatan.

Exenia Mann.

Sr. Correspondent.

Centinela Informativo.

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