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Authorities give approval for the reopening of trade in the Bay Islands.


Through a press conference, local and departmental authorities confirmed to the general public the reopening of trade in the four municipalities Bay Islands, taking into consideration that each municipal authority must supervise that all the measures established for the proper operation and avoid the spread and spread of COVID-19.

Dino Silvestri, Political Governor of the Bay Islands, mentioned after several requests made by the different authorities and further demonstrating to the authorities of the National Risk Management System (SINAGER), that in the Bay Islands are COVID-19 free, approval was finally achieved for the reopening of island trade.

Political Governor Silvestri, said the determination of the reopening of trade is a response to the request made by the authorities of this district, in which we commit ourselves to the application of a biosafety protocol and complying with the current schedule throughout the Honduran territory.

Equally, the Governor pointed out that all businesses that operate must abide by the provisions issued by local regulations, each municipal corporation will issue ordinances that regulate the opening and biosecurity measures in collaboration with SINAGER.

Regarding the process of the returning citizens to each municipality in the District, Governor Silvestri explained, the process of embarkation and disembarkation of people in this district must be approved by the Commission. This process will be applied until there is the ability to apply COVID-19 tests to all people who wish to visit the Bay Islands.

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