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As drastic as the measures adopted by the authorities of the island department have been, below are the results from their efforts.

Despite the fact that COVID-19 has spread rapidly throughout the country, one month after the first case was reported, 7 Honduran Departments report Zero cases of COVID-19.

1. Valle.

2. Gracias a Dios.

3. El Paraíso.

4. Islas de la Bahía (Bay Islands).

5. Olancho.

6. Ocotepeque.

7. Intibucá.

On Friday night, Dr. Jayleen Coleman, director of the Bay Islands Health Region, reported that the Bay Island department has sent 32 samples to date, to the National Virology Laboratory. All samples have been negative, with no pending samples, so our Department (Islas de la Bahía) remains COVID-19 free.

Dr. Coleman said that, “To keep our department free of COVID-19, we are all required to follow the recommendations, remembering that we are all responsible for our own health, the health of our family, but we are also responsible for the health of members of our communities. "

We must all be vigilant, and do our best to not allow unknown people access to our neighborhoods, without first knowing where they have been before and as always please use published security protocols.

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