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City Hall of Roatan will install disinfection tunnels.


Keeping the municipality of Roatan COVID-19 free, is a task local authority is constantly working to achieve. Their mission is to improve security measures daily, with the sole purpose of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.

Nicole Brady, Vice Mayor of Roatan, announced to the media, that as a follow-up to biosafety measures in the municipality, the Mayor's Office will be acquiring a number of Disinfection Tunnels that will be located at different points.

Vice Mayor Brady also stated; city hall is working to identify the best areas to install the tunnels, with the aim that the general population can make the best use of these tunnels, especially on the established circulation days. It was also noted that city hall did not have a specific date for the initial installation, as there is an acquisition process. It is important to recognize that it is something new that is being implemented in the country, due to the pandemic, so Roatan must wait for the availability from the providers.

Vice Mayor Brady emphasized that as in Roatan or in any other municipality of the Bay Islands, which does not have confirmed case of COVID-19, the district will continue working on prevention, reminding the people that this is everyone's responsibility to remain diligent and even the slightest inattention can lead to becoming infected by COVID-19. It is important to abide by the biosecurity measures already established, if there is no urgent need that requires individuals to leave their homes that people should just stay at home.

The installation of disinfection tunnels will be something new for this society that is why Major Wilmer Guerrero, head of the Roatan Fire Department, was asked about the operation of these new systems. Major Guerrero explained that “as a person enters into the tunnel, a photocell registers their presence and activates the system, where a series of sprinklers emit microdroplets of disinfectant sprays on the person, disinfecting up to 90% of viruses upon exiting the tunnel. This is to include bacteria, fungi and spores, which greatly reduces the possibility of the virus spreading”.

Major Guerrero also added that this decontamination system is already being used in other departments of the country, with very favorable results, making this an extremely good alternative for the municipality of Roatan.

Disinfection tunnels are very mobile and can be used practically anywhere, hospitals, airports, bus stations, shopping malls, offices, movie and theater rooms, manufacturing plants, schools and universities, etc. There are a variety of different models, which allows the adaptation to the needs of the general public.

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