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Deputy Ronnie McNab is seeking financial assistance, to attend the COVID-19 pandemic.


Honduras, like other countries in the world, is facing one of the worst health crises in history, no nation was prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic. What remains is the dedicated effort to mitigate the fatality rate.

The Bay Islands, (Islas de la Bahía), is one of the districts that is without adequate and necessary equipment to meet an exaggerated demand for patients in serious condition.

At Roatan Hospital, there are only five beds available for patients with COVID-19, with this they do not have the necessary equipment to try to save a patient's life. Health Care professionals are extremely limited and of those workers many are already infected by the disease.

Knowing the realism of the island district, Deputy Ronnie McNab, consulted with the health authorities, about the greatest and urgent needs to be met in this current emergency. He obtained details so that medical personnel can attend at the COVID- 19 center, established on the Adventist Mission grounds. It has been determined that appropriate head count required to hire is 83 people with specialties in different areas of medicine. The breakdown includes but is not limited to specialist physicians, general practitioners and nurses. Other personnel to effectively manage the facility would include cleaning staff, laundry service, security guards. In this, the total of 83 people, the approximate amount that must be accrued in three months amounts to L. 3,844,850 or $155,500.

The Deputy of the Bay Islands presented to the National Congress a project seeking to allocate a budget so that the island district can face the health crisis of COVID-19. Their job is to find a way to achieve the greatest benefit of the Honduran people. During a virtual session with the National Congress, Deputy McNab presented a project which, God willing, he would get the support of all the parliamentarians to approve his request.

Deputy McNab requested that of the funds assigned to the Health Secretary, a budget item be allocated to the district of the Bay Islands, for the amount of Three Million Lempiras ($121,200), monthly, until the suspension of the health crisis that currently affects the world.

If the request presented before the entire session of the National Congress is approved, that budget will be handled by the Roatan Hospital, directed ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY, for the COVID-19 Center, which is the center that has the best logistics in the entire district to serve patients, expressed Deputy Ron McNab.

He also stated that the Roatan Hospital is the center where the entire population of the district is cared for, as it is the only healthcare center that has different medical specialties. Many of the current patients are from Guanaja, Utila and Santos Guardiola, who are referred and treated at this hospital.

Deputy McNab was also very clear in explaining that during this emergency the people from the Bay Island deparment, must remain united, their intention as authorityis, is to support all the municipalities of the district, especially in this health emergency. The center that has been installed in Roatan will be available to all our people in the four municipalities.

That this health crisis, keep us united and together as brothers and sisters. Our greatest desire is to avoid loss of valuable lives in the four municipalities that make up our district, Deputy McNab concluded.

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