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Elmer Maradiaga: "We must not forget the older adult."


Older adults, due to their biological and social conditions, consider themselves individuals, socially vulnerable, when living in situations of risk determined by the lack of personal, economic, family environment, community resources and access to State protection policies.

In its broadest sense, social vulnerability is one dimension of vulnerability to multiple stressors and shocks, including abuse, social exclusion and natural hazards. Social vulnerability refers to “the inability of people, organizations, and societies to withstand adverse impacts from multiple stressors to which they are exposed. These impacts are due in part to characteristics inherent in social interactions, institutions, and systems of cultural values”.

Through work, artists express their emotions and feelings, many reveal their criticism to the authorities for the lack of response to education, health, infrastructure and other issues of equal importance. The professional artist with his Work achieves their goals, as professionalism has taught them to seek answers with respect.

Recently, Elmer Maradiaga, a renowned artist, dedicated to making different works of art, that have been inspired by the condition that many older adults face during the COVID-19 emergency, and decided to portray the racism that exists in Honduran society.

Racism also exists in our Honduran society, inequality due to belonging to a particular race, religion or culture. There are many people who denigrate our various races, our system excludes the elderly who are helpless due to this COVID- 19 pandemic.

It is understood that for these people we have fruits and vegetables. However, it is understood that we must support the agricultural sector, when we already have water around our neck, a sad reality for our Honduran people, which is said stated the painter Elmer Maradiaga.

Maradiaga, in an interview for our media, explained what this work means to him. Where a lady is seen cutting coffee, “it means a lot to me, since, little importance is given today to these brands of those tired faces fatigued by work, by the effort to change the world, by the effort to get ahead and move forward with his family, a country, but that his strength, his struggles and his dreams are disturbed by abandonment. It is there where the need arises to protest, to capture a feeling on a canvas, to denounce and demand support for these people who have given their whole lives to preserve our lives, customs, resources, roots. Today more than ever they need a program that guarantees them security, health, and a decent home, we must not forget the older adult”.

If you are one of those who love art and its different branches, and you want to know more about the work done by the renowned artist Elmer Alexander Maradiaga Sanchez. He provide us his phone or WhatsApp contact number and social network accounts. Remember that we are facing difficult moments with the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking refuge and contemplating the works of Elmer Maradiaga, can really help to relax and have a moment of peace.

Elmer Maradiaga.

Cel 88791091

Facebook: Eams Akaee

Instagram: eamsaKaee

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