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French Harbor Health Center temporarily closed.


Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, at the International level, and more over with the first case in Honduras, health authorities from the Bay Islands, always maintained that the situation in our department, could become quite complicated due to several factors and one of them was the lack of health personnel available in the four municipalities.

Through an official statement sent by the communications department of the Health Region, in the Bay Islands, have been informed of the temporary closure of the French Harbor Community Health facility, a center that serves nearby communities, greatly decongesting the Roatan Hospital.

As established in statement number 34, from the Bay Islands Health Region, of the 28 tests confirmed positive on Tuesday, June 23, by the National Risk System (SINAGER), nine, (9) correspond to health personnel, who make up the primary care network and administrative areas.

Given the circumstances that the health personnel, assigned to the Bay Islands, is quite small, and adding to this, that many are isolated due to having tested positive through the COVID-19 PCR test, the determination was made to close the French Harbor Community Health Facility.

A few weeks ago, the French Harbor community health facility was also closed, as a way of caring for the general population, after it was confirmed that health personnel from that healthcare center had tested positive for COVID-19.

Until today, Roatan and Santos Guardiola has 99 cases of COVID-19, confirmed by PCR tests, which indicates that the cases continue to increase and the possibilities of having more than one person killed by COVID-19 should call our attention to follow the Hygiene and biosecurity measures recommended daily by health authorities.

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