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In the Bay Islands, the National Police execute the operation “Weekend Nobody Circulates”.


From early hours of this Sunday, at different points in the municipality of Roatan and Santos Guardiola, the National Police, together with Naval Elements, have carried out operations to guarantee compliance with Executive Decree PCM 21-2020, where it is established that during the weekend, no one should circulate, except those who must work according to the emergency of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Regarding the operations that are carried out in strategic points of the two aforementioned municipalities, Anibal Serrano Nieto, Chief of Police in the Bay Islands, said that, this Sunday, in compliance with the national emergency decree COVID, 19 police authorities and the military determined to execute a series of police checkpoints at the main entrances and exits of Roatan and the municipality of Santos Guardiola in order to verify that the population of this area of the Island is at home.

Fevered with rumors on different social networks, that from this day onward citizens could move freely through the streets of Roatan, Bay Islands, police officers stationed themselves at around seven fixed checkpoints to maintain order and prevent crowds in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

The seven checkpoints are located as follows:

1. Coxen Hole triangle coordinated by eight police and army officials.

2. Sandy Bay sector under the command of six police officers.

3. INVEPA interception with seven police officers located on the site.

4. Diversion from Mud Hole, which is under the command of a Police Noncommissioned Officer, three police officers and two military officers.

5. Town Center sector, coordinated by four police officers and two military personnel.

6. In front of Fantasy Island with the presence of road traffic and prevention police.

7. Fixed checkpoint installed in the municipality of José Santos Guardiola located in front of Parrot Tree with the presence of about nine police and military officials.

The police official added that, the operations are aimed at protecting people's lives, maintaining public order and preventing the commission of offenses and crimes.

Without a doubt, the population appreciates and recognizes the hard work that the police and military authorities are developing during the COVID-19 emergency, however, they are reminded that, like them, there are other professionals who in different areas must carry out their work. Therefore, they are asked for that necessary support and respect for the work carried out by other institutions and which are on the list of exceptions.

As of Sunday, May 24, 2020 2:0pm, the results of operation “Weekend Nobody Circulates” are shown below:

33 licenses by Decree Article 98 # 19 have been Confiscated

In accordance with PCM Decree 021-2020:

3 People have been Arrested

1 Vehicle has been Seized

1 Motorcycle has been Seized

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