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Local government and Madeyso, encourage hand washing in Roatan.

Dixon Cove, Roatan.

Good hygiene is a practice helps prevents the spread of any disease, such as COVID-19, which quickly became a pandemic, infecting millions of people and at the time of this article (May 12th, 2020) the world wide death toll is 290,838.

Executives from Madeyso hardware store, located in Dixon Cove, are joining in support during the COVID-19 emergency, delivered three portable sinks to the Vice Mayor of the municipality of Roatán, which will be installed in different strategic points of the city.

Miss Nicole Brady, Vice Mayor of Roatan, said the three tanks that Madeyso has donated will be distributed in the community of Los Fuertes, Sandy Bay and Coxen Hole. Additionally, the municipality will purchase of three more units to be installed in West End, Flowers Bay and French Harbor. This type of donation benefits the Roatan public, since it encourages the culture of handwashing and biosecurity measures that we are all obligated to follow.

For his part, Mr. Nahún Oseguera, Madeyso's representative, said it is a pleasure to be able to donate three handwashing units to the people of Roatan. He said that they know that we have a pandemic, and we are not exempt from what can happen to us. Trying to prevent and collaboration in mind, they have donated the three hand washing units, which will be put in service at Los Fuertes, Sandy Bay and Coxen Hole. Madeyso asks the public receiving the hand washing units, to please that take care of them because they are important to help combat COVID-19.

In one way or another, Mr. Nahún Oseguera and Madeyso has provided support in this health emergency that ultimately affects us all.

Director of

Exenia Mann

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