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As detailed previously two weeks ago, a public ordinance was issued that regulated the operation of businees within the municipality of Roatan. Highlighted by the mayor, the recommended quarantine was based on zero suspected cases of COVID-19.

The same statement was reiterated on April 12th. A communication was received from the Central Government, informing that the provisions had been reviewed and discussed with several ministers who agreed that Roatan could operate as BAU (Business As Usual), as a pilot project, if successful, would be applied as a model to other municipalities that do not have a case of COVID-19.

Based on the communication established with the Central Government, the Roatan Mayor's Office made the determination to mitigate problems that the municipality already had due to the previous measures implemented with the aim of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

One of the solutions that the Municipal Corporation opted, which has been supported by the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCEIIB), and the Public Transportation , to gradually reopen trade on the island, following and establishing biosecurity measures which everyone is obligated to comply.

In this, allowed businesses were authorized to work within established parameters, including the Public Transportation , which was required to operate with all the biosecurity measures already established.

Despite zero cases case of COVID-19 in Roatan, the directive from the Sistema Nacional de Gestion de Riesgos (SINAGER) or National Risk Management System, translated to English, the municipality of Roatan was not exempt and must abide by the provisions established and in force at the National level.

Once again, the island trade is closed to the public, despite the good intentions made by the local government. The local Municipality was trying to find solutions for those families who are pleading for food knowing that it has been difficult to reach all the communities with help, taking into consideration that the help received by the Central Government has been little to nothing.

Faced with the determination made by SINAGER, the Mayor of Roatan, Captain Jerry Hynds said that "I have nothing left but to apologize to these people who have placed their trust in me as the Mayor, we have made the effort to take them forward and ensure that the common welfare, but unfortunately the situation of the COVID-19, is being managed in a generalized way ”.

It is important to mention that no case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in any of the municipalities of the Bay Island.

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