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Monte Placentero adds a new nursery.

Actualizado: 14 may 2020

Monte Placentero, Roatan.

The local governmentof Roatan, continues working on projects that will have a positive impact within the community, the construction of a new municipal nursery has been completed. This was requested to the members of the municipal corporation, by Trudy Hilton, Director of the Municipal Office of the Woman, (OMM).

Juliza Galeas, the Engineering Project manager of the nursery project, said the Monte Placentero Nursery School project’s initial phase was to recover the space that had been virtually abandoned. The project team renovated the existing building and also increased the overall footprint. They created a beautiful recreation space to be used by the Monte Placentero community.

According to Project Manager Galeas, the condition of the building was in a rather precarious condition. Four completely vacant walls that served as the focus for disease contamination due to the retainage of rainwater and sewage from the community.

The nursery is located in Monte Placentero, behind Tequilas Bar.

The new amenities include a children's playground and a up-to-date cafeteria, which were completed and in the scope of the project which began on November 1, 2019 and concluded on February 16 of the current year.

Director of

Exenia Mann

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