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Roatan, June 3, 2022.

The Mayor of Roatan, Ronnie Richard Mcnab, accepted the invitation from the company that has proposed to the Municipal Corporation the installation of the Smart City system to guarantee security in the municipality.

During his visit to the Republic of Uruguay, the highest authority of the municipality of Roatan had the opportunity to visit the department of Maldonado, where the Smart City system works and was able to verify the functions and benefits, they obtain with a modern security system with high technology.

Regarding his visit, the mayor stated that, “the main objective that motivated me to accept the invitation was to learn how the Smart City system operates, which is the same one that we want to implement in Roatan, I am quite careful and fearful in investing the money of the people, we have to be sure of what we are going to do, therefore I believe that we should listen to the opinions of experts where the system is already used, listen to recommendations that in the end will help us make the best decision for the benefit of our population ”.

Also, the mayor reiterated that, “within our government plan we have highlighted the security of Roatan as a priority, we have always characterized ourselves as a different area from the rest of the country, that is why we fight to keep our island safe.

We are looking for security advice that allows us to implement the security plan that suits the needs of our municipality.

On our trip through the Republic of Uruguay we were received by the head of the National Police of the Maldonado Department, Retired General Commissioner Julio Pioli Prieto, there we had the opportunity to learn about the operation of the Monitoring Center of the Department of Maldonado, that works with 1,200 security cameras.

In that department of Uruguay, they are using the same security system that we want to implement in our municipality with the difference that we will do it on a smaller scale, as it is a smaller island”.

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