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The municipality of Utila, led by Mayor Troy Bodden, began the process of delivering bags of food to the residents of the different communities on the island. In the same way, many organizations and companies outside the island have shown their solidarity with the islanders, in the face of the COVID-19 emergency. The mayor's office greatly appreciates the support provided by the municipality.

Mayor Bodden, explained they created the delivery mechanism for the provisions; Before starting the distribution process, a census was taken for each community. Allowing the muni the control to determine which people were at most risk and really required the immediate support, in this state of emergency due to the Coronavirus. It was disclosed that the Central Government only provided a sum L. 30K ($1,200) to the municipality of Utila for the national emergency of COVID-19. Rosalía Argueta, a municipal employee, stated to have better control of food deliveries, different communities are being reached each day, to aid in the prevention of spreading the Coronavirus.

The delivery of food is continuing, with the municipalities guaranteed that all families living in Utila will receive this aid, which was made possible with the transfer received from the central government. It is our firm belief that those in charge of disseminating information to the central government, about life on Utila, should actually live a week in the Bay Islands. This way, they will have a firm understanding of how desperate times are here and to show the high cost of the basic care baskets in proportion to the inadequate amount that Central Government has provided this community. The question on everyone’s mind is how many people will actually benefit from this inadequate transfer from the Central Government to the people of Utila?

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