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No official date for the return of Cruise Ships to Roatan.

Coxen Hole.

Cruise Ships are the glue that holds together of the economy of the people of the Bay Islands.

The worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, has forced the Cruise industry to suspend their tour operations in different countries throughout the world, included one of the more

popular destinations that is Roatan, in the Bay Islands.

Miss Sinthya Salomon president of the Bay Islands Tourism Chamber, indicated that she has not been provided an official date for the return of cruises to our municipality. Generally, what they have thought was possibly in mid-July early August, this has not been officially corroborated by any particular cruise line. The determinant factor is mainly in the hands of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has issued a “no-sail” order for cruise ships operating out of the U.S. waters.

Carnival Cruise Line issued the following update from their website, on May 4th to their press releases, validating a further delay of operations for most of their fleet until August 31.

At the moment, the future of the cruise industry with a destination to the Bay Islands is quite uncertain. Authorities and the general public should continue seeking for another forms of commerce such as Local Services and Marketing of such Services. In an effort to further the business and economic development for the four municipalities that make up the Bay Island department.

Exenia Mann.

Director of

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