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Were you aware that there are still communities where residents do not have electrical service, due to the economic condition in which they live? Many families use homemade lamps from empty glass bottle, some fluid and cloth for a wick. Others use old rusted propane lamps, but due to the cost of gas, they have decided to use candles better, which if not used carefully may lead to an accident or tragedy.

With the initiative of the Abundant Life Foundation (ALF) and the Bay Island Development Organization (BIDO), they have formed a strategic alliance to support families without electricity with solar lamps. Their goal is to reach nearly 200 families with one or two solar lamps, which do not generate any type of economic expense. Brice Davy, president of BIDO, expressed that, “we have already delivered lamps that charge with the sun in several communities including Gravel Bay, Flowers Bay, French Harbor, Coxen Hole, Colonia Brice among others, and we will continue to reach those who they need, so they can contact me directly at 9742 3286 ”. Brice Davy also stated, “this type of solar lamps apart from not generating any type of expense, also helps prevent the population from suffering an accident such as a fire that leaves material damage, but above all loss of life, that is why we want reach out to everyone who does not have electricity in their home. ”

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