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POCKIT donated to the Bay Islands, will be able to perform 8 PCR tests every two hours.

Coxen Hole, Roatan.

The Taiwanese government donated a POCKIT to the State of Honduras, which has been assigned to the Bay Islands Health Region, so that they can perform COVID-19 tests in real time. The POCKIT Nucleic Acid Analyzer is a powerful point-of-need PCR detection tool that combines advanced isolated isothermal polymerase chain reaction technology.

Known as POCKIT, this machine is easy to use and can offer the clinical diagnostic laboratory, veterinary and breeding industry an effective solution for disease surveillance.

Dr. Karla Pavon, head of health surveillance, from the Ministry of Health, on the POCKIT donated to the Bay Islands Health Region, said that, “this POCKIT will be eight tests in two hours in real time, this will be done daily, we will be giving them the input for the PCR tests to be carried out in the Bay Islands”.

The official explained that they had a large delay in PCR results for the Bay Islands, and had a backlog of 350 samples. The backlog has drastically reduced by 50%, because results can come out every day instead of the prior method which gave them a ten-day delay.”

Dr. Pavon reported that personnel have been trained to perform the PCR tests, to confirm or refute the existence of COVID-19 virus. Roatan has virologists and microbiologists, and POCKIT is a new team, the staff needs to continue to learn the new system. Experts in the area will continue to train the laboratory staff already in place on the Bay Island.

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