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Recently, the Roatan Public Hospital, who services the whole island, received the budgeted medication for their second quarter.

Dr. Stacy Zuniga, director of Roatan Public Hospital, commented with our media group that the types of medications that they have received; "Among those medications, are those that were assigned to cover the emergency of COVID-19 , and other medicines necessary to serve the general population. Our team is working hard to ensure that the hoapital has coverage, weekly's reports of the fluctuations of the medicines is being reported on time,and if any are decreasing we can coordinate and manage with central government to have what is needed on time. This is done taking into account that we live on an island and everything is more difficult for us".

Dr. Zuniga, reiterated to the public to continue to take all hygienic measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. She, also, reminded us not to forget that Dengue and Malaria are infectious diseases in which we can work together to avoid further transmission of them.

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