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Roatan Hospital, receives biosafety equipment donated by the US embassy.

Coxen Hole.

The Bay Islands, like the rest of the country's districts, have been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, without the logistics and equipment necessary to face one of the worst health emergencies facing Honduras.

However, Roatán has been blessed to receive help from non-governmental organizations, the majority of people from abroad who in one way or another have links that unite them with the population of the Bay Islands.

Donations of medical equipment, biosafety material, rapid tests to detect COVID-19 have been received, which have been of great help to the residents of the Bay Islands, the aid has saved many lives.

Recently, the Security Cooperation Office of the United States Embassy, through the Humanitarian Assistance Program of the United States Southern Command, donated biosafety equipment acquired in Honduras for the medical and health personnel of the Roatan Hospital, Islas of the Bahia in support of the prevention of the pandemic.

The donation consists of biosafety suits, surgical masks and KN95 face masks, gloves, disposable medical gowns, eye protection glasses, digital thermometers and alcohol gel.

Dr. Stacy Zuniga, Director of the Main Sanatorium in the municipality said, at this moment we are categorizing the deliver and will have an exact count of everything we received and will provide a complete inventory listing to the Roatánians. Dr. Zuniga reminded us that her staff is limited and many of them have to be performing many different functions in order to serve all those who come looking for medical help .

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