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Roatan lane expansion project advances.

Roatan. With the biosecurity measures in place, staff from the Roatan mayor's office continue to work on the 7.6-kilometer extension of the municipality's highway section. Ricardo Castillo the Engineer, in charge of the project by the municipality tells this reporter that the projects that are currently being developed are authorized by law and by the National Risk Management System (SINAGER).

Mr. Castillo stated they are close to bringing the dirt road portion to an end for the Los Fuertes stretch and they will continue to work westward. Paving continues to progress carried out by the contracting company, while the municipality continues to carry out the work on the dirt portion of the road.

Engineer Castillo said that in these moments of the pandemic with this project, many people are trying to bring food to their homes. Currently the municipality has fifty laborers, the company Contractor also has another twenty workers. With all the current projects, there are about three to four hundred people working. All this when very few companies or people dont have the authorization that we have to continue to work. In theory, the municipality is the only authorized workforce. This agency is generating some semblance of commerce so that approximately 2,500 people, are helped during this COVID-29 emergency.

According to the statements made by Engineer Castillo, the heavy rains of November and December coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, progress of the project has been delayed, thus postponing the project completion past the original project plan. Director of Exenia Mann.

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