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Some Honduran Cruise Line employees are finally coming home.

Coxen Hole, Roatan.

Working on International Cruise Lines has been an alternative vocation, in which a large number of Hondurans have ventured, to support their families in Honduran territory. The global emergency, caused by COVID-19, triggered the cruise industry to temporarily suspend worldwide “ports of call” destinations.

A cruise ship from the US, where Hondurans who worked on several different Cruise Lines, will dock shortly to repatriate our citizens. The Commission for the return of all Bay Islands citizens outlined the following in a press conference:

The cruise ship will initially arrive in Puerto Cortes, where the employees who live in different regions of the mainland will disembark, then the cruise ship will sail to Roatan so that the six remaining employees of the Bay Islands can finally be repatriated to their homes, after they complete with their respective quarantine.

Dr. Raymond Cherington, President of the aforementioned Commission, explained that, although these seafarers have already been in quarantine for several days, and do not present any symptoms, they will still have to comply with the Honduran biosecurity measures, as a preventive measure, guaranteeing the health of the entire population. Six of the employees will begin the process of returning to the different municipalities of the Bay Islands.

Director of

Exenia Mann

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