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Take advantage of the quarantine to read.


Despair has gripped many, who find no activity to keep at home for the duration of the quarantine, established by the government of the republic, as a measure to control the spread of COVID-19.

We spoke with Professor Byron Brooks, a renowned connoisseur of island culture, who stressed that in this quarantine days, reading can help a great deal.

"As a teacher and lover of raising awareness of the culture of the Bay Islands department, I recommend that we look for literature that leads us to learn more about our culture and history, especially our young people, and thus have the ability to pass it on to future generations," added Brooks.

Brooks also pointed out that "one of the books that I recommend and that we can make the most of is the Black Chest, which is an investigation and exposition of the culture and history of the Bay Islands."

The first edition of the book Black Chest, was made in 2012, then due to the demand the book had, another version was published in 2013, the same content, the only thing that changed was the cover of the book and some additional information.

The Black Chest was written by Professor, Artly Emile Brooks Smith who received studies in Caribbean History and Social Economics from the university of London and Saint Leo's College in Tampa, Florida. He has written 26 books about the Bay Islands so far. Black Chest, it is a book that was endorsed by the State of Honduras for its two publications.

At that time the book was delivered in many communities for free, with the aim that the inhabitants knew a little more about the island culture, in the book there are data that were collected in each of the municipalities of the Bay Islands, because each island has different aspects in terms of history, culture and traditions.

Check in your community, who has the book titled Black Chest, ask them to lend it to you, take advantage of the quarantine and read it, then when you finish reading it, return it to the person who very kindly lent it to you so that you would also know of the content of the famous Black Chest book.

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