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Weekend beach access and usage in Guanaja.

Guanaja, Bay Islands.

Engineer Spurgeon Miller from Guanaja’ s Municipal corporation issued an announcement granting public access and use of the island's beaches on Saturdays and Sundays. The prepared statement was published on social networks, on August 14th 2020. Weekend circulation is authorized for visits to the beach.

In the public release, the municipal authorities of Guanaja establish that according to studies that have been carried out, salt water helps to combat CORONAVIRUS. This reporter found an article published through BBC Science Focus Magazine, “The new study builds on a trial published in 2019, which found participants who gargled and cleared their nose with a saltwater solution had fewer coughs and less congestion. ………. hope it will prove to be a useful measure to reduce the impact and spread of the infection.”

Guanaja has also authorized gas stations, restaurants, churches and commerce in general to operate serving the public, reminding them that the curfew is from eight at night until six in the morning.

The population must remember that we are still under risk of contagion and spread of COVID-19, so the use of masks and other biosecurity measures are essential and mandatory.

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